Pricing Policy

We have 3 types of products

1. Game of conversation course
This is very most demanding course in today time because every person need to learn communication skills or how to communicate to unknown person
In current situation related to communication course value minimum ₹5000 but our money eye providing only ₹1000
If any people learn communications in offline academy so he will spend more money approx ₹10,000
But with the help of this course he learn everything about communication this course actual value is ₹1000

2. Canva Guru
Many people want to learn Graphic Designing but do not try because in today’s time there is a lot of work to teach and they take a lot of money, about ₹ 3000 a month and a huge amount, just with the help of this course you can do the same thing. This skill can be learned only in 1000
This courses help to learn
What is the fundamental of graphic designing
Crack the theroy
Poster making , video editing many more

3. Public Speaking Master
In today’s time many people want to become a public speaker but they need a guidance, a support, so if they learn this thing in the academy, then their money is spent a lot, about 15 to 20000 but with the help of this course 1498 I can learn all that how he should do public speaking, how he should make his career in public speaking i.e. 20000 work is being done in 1499 only with the help of this course

This courses combo price ₹3499 & it’s worth it